Smiling Bangladesh has introduced an extra ordinary and different health service program to meet the essential needs for sound health of all kinds of patients and old weak persons.  We smilingly work hard for giving peace and pleasure in human life living in the societies. The institution makes efficient kind health associates who are dedicated in serving  the weak, helpless, unable , paralyzed, lonely or friendless people who need essential services for his  or her  physical and mental peace and development in  any illness.

Sometimes they remain alone neglected in their families. This honorable person is very important to us as a member of our society. He or she is the essential part of our life and society.  We provide him or her with all kinds of desired service with the help of our honorable kind, gentle, responsible, expert , active and intelligent health workers at hospital and residence. We are committed to keep our dear clients in peace and happiness all the time and every moment . We are smiling friends of the persons with whom we will communicate all the time and act like his nearest relative . This smiling friends will talk to you smilingly ,happily, gently and lovingly  with heart to make you smile, happy, keep free from loneliness and depression .You will feel comfort to join the conversation to keep away from loneliness and any kind of depression. For all information and services please call through the cell number or email us with the short registration. We provide trained, kind and professional health workers to individual, family at home,  hospital, clinic and any recognized  health center. Paralyzed or physically disordered person cannot have their desired services properly due to want of kind experienced assistant, nurse or close relative with health service knowledge.