The children or students who are in lack in discipline, inattentive in study, idle in work, suffering from health trouble, depression and who want to develop their skill in learning, make good or desired development in physical and mental health, education, personality and bright career may be the proud members of our intellectual Smiling Sports Club. We make them learn quality lesson using quality time and let them participate in beautiful sports and games to make them fit in study and health. We do our assignment to make desired change in them. First hour we teach the students academic and general math, science, basic English, academic English and spoken English using quality teaching method and the second hour we make them participate in football, cricket, and handball games. Parade and physical training are exercised before joining the games.
We have efficient, hardworking, gentle and kind heart special subject teachers who work hard to teach our dear students very efficiently under the guidance of special expert monitoring team. Then we make them play football or cricket or handball with the guidance of our expert sportsmen. We ensure quality learning and beautiful health in the same education world.

The schedule of sports & study

Name of program First Hour Second Hour
Sports & Study English & Math Study with pure attention Football or cricket with excellent discipline.
Exercise & Study English , science & Math study with spoken English Physical exercise and football game.
Training & Study Math & Science and Special English practice Learning importance of health & Football or Handball games.