Smiling Humanity

Smiling Humanity is a bunch of social work consists of different social responsibilities . Smiling Bangladesh works for vulnerable people and the people who are deprived of their right in the society . We also make willingly inactive and unemployed people active and employed by counseling them successfully and providing essential supports to be employed.

The works series are also designed for the creation of awareness with a view to developing human behavior , responsibility, contentment , honesty , kindness , patriotism , discipline, punctuality and all other social and family value in human being. The works are done with the help of all members of the society . All conscious citizen of the country can play roles for social and human life development joining and contributing Smiling Humanity programs any time any where. We work for human being and environment in the world. We are working hard with a view to,
i) Helping disable people in the society
ii) Making conscious in the human being
iii) Omitting bad human behavior , addiction, depression , idleness, hopelessness, loneliness etc.
iv) Omitting hatreds, enviousness ,cruelty , inhumanity , abuse ,unexpected lifestyle from the heart of human being .
v) Creating humanity, honesty and patriotism in human heart.
vi) Strengthening the social bond, family bond , friendship, love among couple and among the people of the society.