Smiling Wellness Service (Health Associates)

Smiling Bangladesh has introduced an extraordinary and different health service program to meet the essential needs for the sound health of all kinds of patients and old weak persons. We smilingly work hard for giving peace and pleasure in human life living in the societies. The institution makes efficient kind health associates who are dedicated to serving the weak, helpless, unable, paralyzed, lonely or friendless people who need essential services for his or her physical and mental peace and development in any illness. We provide trained, kind and professional health workers to serve individuals, family at home, hospital, clinic and any recognized health center.

Smiling Style Teaching

It is an exceptional education program in which experienced permanent team of well-trained teachers works in the area of a different teaching style. We teach our students at home with sweet counseling and different concepts of teaching. The institution makes excellent teachers for best quality teaching. We have specially trained, perfect, hardworking and dutiful teachers. We provide our own salaried prominent permanent teachers to the concerned students at his or her home. Every teacher teaches our students with the best effort, good intelligence & kind heart. Our teachers are kind, smart, refreshed, active and dutiful. Our honorable teachers are committed in making the students real successful with kind attention under the guidance and supervision of an expert team. The team looks after and evaluates the students’ overall development. We take exam making a unique good quality of questions centrally. We provide good quality of unique easy notes, answer sheets, questions, and model questions. All of them are unique and instant.

Intellectual Smiling Sports Club

The children or students who are in lack in discipline, inattentive in study, idle in work, suffering from health trouble, depression and who want to develop their skill in learning, make good or desired development in physical and mental health, education, personality and bright career may be the proud members of our intellectual Smiling Sports Club. We make them learn quality lesson using quality time and let them participate in beautiful sports and games to make them fit in study and health. We do our assignment to make desired change in them. The first hour we teach the students academic math, science, basic English, academic English and spoken English using quality teaching method and the second hour we make them participate in football, cricket, and handball games. Parade and physical training are exercised before joining the games.

Smiling Training with Counselling for meriting students

Counseling & training for students play essential roles in developing a student and ensuring his desired bright career. It is an innovative counseling and training program using latest concepts & technologies. We develop students with the help of the supports of best intellectual specialists in teaching, counseling and motivating. We find and identify problems in students very gently sharing the idea with them. Essential examples, explanation, motivational speech, physical training, stimulations remove all the hindrances and obstacles from the students. We give caring effort to make students’ life active, enjoyable, realistic, joyful and free. We work to keep your daily life free of all obstacles which stand on the way to get success and desiring achievement.

Self Learning In Recreation Exercise (SLIRE)

It is a unique and extraordinary comfortable academic & intellectual study world where students learn jointly , individually, independently ,willingly and comfortably with recreation exercise . A group of meritorious , energetic ,hardworking, experienced, strategic , kind heart smiling teachers are waiting for helping them in all subjects in the hall. A student can learn here as long as he likes till he completes his lessons with joy. In this ground he can play given games and sports, do sweet exercise , read education motivating news and experience different essential educational and recreation programs on monitor. The program will give him new taste of study , remove his tiredness , monotony in study, increase the learning capacity & stamina. The practices will build the body & mind, strengthen the merit.

Smiling Action against Drug (Serving Drug affected people)

We work for such backward people who are harming their life using drugs, snatching, stealing and doing any corruption. Drug addiction and corruption are among the main causes of collapsing human life. We are hardly working to recognize and alleviate the dangerous Problems of drug addiction in the society. According to a reporting of a daily English Newspaper.
According to reports of different mass media about 70 lack people of Bangladesh use drugs in different ways. Every drug user spends an average of TK 21000 per month. In that way, drug users spend TK 1764 000 000 000 per year which is a big portion of our gross national income.

Smiling Humanity

Smiling Humanity is a bunch of social work consists of different social responsibilities. Smiling Bangladesh works for vulnerable people and the people who are deprived of their right in the society. We also make willingly inactive and unemployed people active and employed by counseling them successfully and providing essential supports to be employed. The works series are also designed for the creation of awareness with a view to developing human behavior, responsibility, contentment, honesty, kindness, patriotism, discipline, punctuality and all other social and family value in human being. The works are done with the help of all members of the society. All conscious citizen of the country can play roles for social and human life development joining and contributing Smiling Humanity programs any time anywhere. We work human being and environment in the world.

Smiling job ensured training

Smiling job ensured training program is an exceptional and alternative employment generation project in Bangladesh .The main objective of the program is creating employment for the unemployed and inefficient people of Bangladesh. Smiling Bangladesh has taken the challenge wisely and widely to make the people self-dependent. Our duty is to find the job first then recruit trainee employee from the panel of primarily recruited candidates for the related business firms. We also employ or recruit people for our own companies and other business concerns after successful training.
We have own modern and latest training systems with the latest innovative concept. We also work for providing house assistant. Our house assistants are trained, educated, honest, punctual, gentled and well disciplined. You will find them always smilingly active during the period of work.

Smiling Autism Syndrome Services

Smiling Bangladesh team feels happiness working for the autism affected children and adult persons. We are working with a view to providing a bunch of sweet service for the autism symptom bearing people who need smiling supports in their everyday life. Our smiling counselors are expert, efficient and experienced. They are kind, active, smiling, dutiful, honest and punctual. They serve and treat their student’s cum client with love, kindness, and tolerance.
Each child or adult with autism is unique and, so, each autism intervention plan should be tailored to address specific needs.
Intervention can involve behavioral treatments, medicines or both. Many persons with autism have additional medical conditions such as sleep disturbance, seizures, and gastrointestinal (GI) distress. Addressing these conditions can improve attention, learning and related behaviors.
The early intensive behavioral intervention involves a child’s entire family, working closely with a team of professionals. In some early intervention programs, therapists come into the home to deliver services. This can include parent training with the parent leading therapy sessions under the supervision of the therapist. Other programs deliver therapy in a specialized center, classroom or preschool.

Smiling services for study abroad

Smiling Bangladesh is working for the students who are interested in studying abroad. We have proficient teams who smilingly work for students providing all kinds of information, supports for getting admission, work permission, visa, selection of subjects, university, work area, sponsorship advices and all other necessary supports. We work very transparently in recruiting students and getting admission with work permission abroad. We have the agreement with different universities of different countries in Europe and America. The students who are interested to get admission can simply proceed on through the help of our institutional systems. The following universities are in bilateral agreement with Smiling Bangladesh to recruit students from Bangladesh through the institution on different subjects.

Smiling Response (Call Center)

Smiling call center is one of the best information transfer service institutes in Bangladesh . We are committed to serve customers of different kinds of social, financial , companies and any other institutions all over the country. Any institution can get proper and authentic call center services from us after making a sweet agreement. For searching and availability of better services please call us through the following cell number or email us.